Educating the Next Generation of Problem Solvers and Engineers

YES (Youth Engineering Solutions) is the evolution of the award-winning youth STEM curricula program, EiE including our flagship product, Engineering is Elementary. We educate the next generation of problem solvers through our high-quality, standards-aligned PreK–8 engineering, computer science, and STEM curricula. We invest in educators through our exceptional professional learning offerings.

Because STEM is for everyone, we’re happy to announce that our EiE and YES resources are available for free download in the Curricula section below.

Two students construct a project with a cardboard box

Grades PreK–8
NGSS Aligned

YES and EiE unit resources for PreK–8, in school and out.


Teacher-centered workshops and webinars to empower educators with the knowledge, strategies, and tools they need to teach the next generation of problem solvers. 

YES and EiE
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YES and EiE’s blog featuring upcoming events, news, and more.