EiE® for Kindergarten

EiE® for Kindergarten Units



Here’s the Scoop: Designing Trash Collectors

In this unit, students become environmental engineers as they work to save Danny the duck from a polluted pond.



Sort It Out: Programming Robots to Recycle

In this unit, students become computer engineers as they work to clean up a park and keep trash out of the landfill.



Raise the Roof: Designing Shelters

In this unit, students are challenged to protect Penny the dog from getting too warm in the sunlight.

Standards Alignment

See how EiE connects to state and national standards.

We’ve developed each EiE Engineering unit with careful attention to educational standards in both science and technology/engineering. Computer Science units align with state and national computer science standards.

EiE for Kindergarten Resources

EiE has worked closely with teachers to develop a suite of resources for each unit. These include:

Resource Description
Teacher Guide Contains nine 45-minute lessons with a common structure: 

  • Introduction: Activates students’ prior knowledge and introduces the main activity. 
  • Activity: Engages students in the lesson’s main activity. 
  • Reflection: Guides students in connecting their experiences to the Engineering Design Process. 
Storybook Introduces the engineering problem students will solve. 
Print Materials Include print materials such as posters, handouts, cards, and signs. 
Vocabulary Cards Introduce new vocabulary through visual cards that can be posted on an engineering vocabulary wall. 
Assessment Tools  Opportunities and rubrics to evaluate students’ engineering growth. 
Family Resources   Spur conversations about engineering at home and connect students’ learning to their communities. 
How-To Video Playlist  Shows how to prepare materials. 
Materials Kit  Supplies the physical materials needed to teach each lesson.