Professional Learning

Our learner-centered workshops build knowledge, strategies, and confidence in teaching engineering and computer science. Engage with our Professional Learning team in hands-on explorations of the PreK-8 curricular resources and pedagogical frameworks that define high-quality engineering and computer science education.

If you are interested in hosting an Introductory Workshop or Teacher Educator Institute at your location, complete our Workshop Interest Form or contact View our Webinars & Workshops calendar for upcoming EiE and YES professional learning opportunities.

Professional Learning Offerings

Offering Audience Overview
Introductory Workshop Educators Prepares educators to implement YES and EiE curricula
Teacher Educator Institute Professional learning providers Prepares educators to facilitate YES and EiE professional learning workshops
Webinars Anyone Short sessions on various topics

Introductory Workshop 

This full-day, learner-driven workshop introduces you to the concepts of engineering and computer science and prepares you to facilitate YES and EiE units with your students. You will experience a full unit as a learner, then reflect on curriculum structure, pedagogy, and instructional strategies from an educator’s perspective. 

You will leave this workshop:

  • Prepared to teach any YES and EiE unit with your learners. 
  • Familiar with the benefits of engaging learners in engineering practices. 
  • Confident that you can implement open-ended engineering and computer science challenges with your learners. 

Teacher Educator Institute 

This 3-day institute prepares you to facilitate YES and EiE professional learning workshops to support teachers in your school, district, or state. You will experience engineering and computer science lessons as a learner, consider pedagogical approaches as an educator, and reflect on facilitation strategies as a workshop facilitator. 

You will leave this workshop:

  • Prepared to facilitate immersive, active YES and EiE workshops for teachers. 
  • Prepared to educate others about the structure, components, and pedagogy of YES and EiE curricula.