YES Mission

To educate the next generation of problem solvers and engineers.

Equity-Oriented Engineering

Developing equitable educational materials is an intentional process. Three decades of research and development by the YES team inform our model for equity-oriented engineering learning.

Engineering Practices

YES units engage students in engineering practices—patterned behaviors that lead to the creation of engineering knowledge and products. Research conducted by the YES team has identified 16 common engineering practices that align with NGSS practices.

Engineering Design Process

Engineers use a structured, iterative process to solve problems. YES organizes students’ work with an age-appropriate, cyclical, engineering design process. Naming design phases helps students understand the goal of the activity.

Language Scaffolds

Most students are developing language proficiency as they learn subject-matter knowledge. These students, including English learners (ELs), benefit from opportunities to communicate with peers.

Family Engagement

Students’ families and communities are critical support networks in building youth’s positive identity development and confidence.

Research Based

YES both draws from and contributes to educational research.

Efficacy Study

See the results of a five-year efficacy study to examine the effectiveness of the EiE/YES model.