Whether you teach in elementary school, middle school, or out-of-school learning environments, we have resources for you. Our student-tested, educator-approved curricula are anchored by a transformative framework that develops students’ problem-solving abilities. Our real-world design challenges are scaffolded by age-appropriate engineering design processes and computer science frameworks that encourage creativity, collaboration, and language development. With engineering and STEM concepts at the core of every unit, students engage in engineering and science practices to deepen their understanding of these disciplines. 

Grades K–8
NGSS Aligned

  • YES Elementary 
  • YES Middle School 
  • YES Out of School 

Grades PreK–8
NGSS Aligned

  • Wee Engineer 
  • EiE for Kindergarten 
  • Engineering is Elementary 
  • Engineering and Computer Science Essentials
  • Engineering Adventures 
  • Engineering Everywhere