Unit Overview

Kids engineer their own bubble wands to use in a stage show about bubbles.

  • Grades 3–5
  • Setting: Out of school
  • 8 activities
  • 45 minutes per activity

Standards alignment

We’ve developed each EiE unit with careful attention to educational standards in both science and technology/engineering. View Standards Alignments.

Unit Map

Kids engineer a tower and are introduced to the Engineering Design Process as a problem-solving tool.
Kids explore the idea that they, as engineers, can design and improve technology.
Kids use the ask step of the Engineering Design Process as they experiment with bubbles, keeping track of what bubbles can and cannot do.
Kids explore ways to prevent bubbles from popping.
Kids continue using the ask step as they explore whether the shape of bubble wands affects the shape of resulting bubbles.
Kids try out several different wand materials and see how well each works to perform specific tasks.
Kids use all they have learned about bubbles to imagine, plan, and create a bubble wand that will meet a goal their group set. The wands must use at least three materials.
Groups focus on the improve step of the Engineering Design Process as they continue engineering their bubble wands.
Groups present their bubble wands and knowledge of the Engineering Design Process in a Bubble Bonanza performance.
Bubble Bonanza: Engineering Bubble Wands unit cover

What's Included?

  • Educator Guide (PDF)
  • Engineering Journal (PDF)
  • Context-Setting Audio Messages (.mp3)
  • Print Materials (PDF)
  • Additional Resources