Unit Overview

Youth use the Engineering Design Process to design a step-by-step process for engineering their own ice cream.

  • Grades 6–8
  • Setting: Out of school
  • Science connection: Energy
  • 8 activities
  • 50–60 Minutes per activity

Standards alignment

We’ve developed each EiE unit with careful attention to educational standards in both science and technology/engineering. View Standards Alignments.

Unit Map

Youth are introduced to engineering as they work in teams to engineer a tower to support a marshmallow.
Youth learn about technology and imagine a technology that will help someone eat food while underwater.
Youth engineer a process for making a tasty treat and learn that processes are engineered as well as objects.
Youth learn about their ice cream engineering challenge and investigate ice cream ingredients and processes.
Youth investigate ways to alter the flavor and color of their ice cream.
Youth engineer a package to contain their ice cream and protect it from heat.
Youth improve their ice cream process and/or package.
Youth communicate their work to visitors.


Special Report Video

Introduces the field of process engineering by visiting two ice cream shops with two very different processes for making delicious ice cream. Use throughout the unit. (11:31)

What's Included?

  • Educator Guide (PDF)
  • Engineering Journal (PDF)
  • Special Report Video (YouTube)
  • Print Materials (PDF)